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Year Of Establishment : 2000

Nature of Business: Manufacturer,Dealer & Network Marketing

Employees Strength : 150

Annual Sales: 15 Million USD

Pan India presence


  1. Garbage Bags

  2. The minimum thickness requirement as per B.M.C. policy is 50 microns (200 guag.) for commercial uses. 20 microns is allow. for small s.s like 19"X21" known as Dust Bin Bags; used for household purposes. The Garbage Bags comes in Black, white, Green, Red, Yellow. colours as per the .uirement of Hospitals, Malls, Corporate Offices, Call centers, Hotels. Airlines, Caterers, and Residential complexes. Some running sizes are 30 inch X40 inch, 17"X19", 19"X21", 28"X38", 40"X50", 50"X50". We do manufacture as per the customer's sample.
  3. Paper Cups

  4. We use I.T.C. mill paper in 195 Gsm / 225 Gsm /or any other thickness as per customer specifications. We have in-house multi colour off-set printing facility too. Our Common sizes are 80 ml; 100 ml; 130 ml; 150 ml; 175 ml; 200 ml; 250 ml; 300 ml; 350 ml. We provide lids both plain & straw cuts in different designs.
  5. Foil Containers with lids

  6. We have been outsourcing Aluminium Foil Containers from a leading manufacturing Company, & its available in all sizes like 75 ml; 100 ml; 110 ml; 120ml; 150 ml; 180 ml; 200 ml 250 ml; 300 ml; 450 ml; 520 ml; 600 ml; 660 ml; 750 m1; 1000 ml ; & 1500 ml. It is used in Railways, Airways, Bakeries, Mithai shops; Hotels & Restaurant & where to arrange to parcel the food in hygiene packaging.
  7. Plastic Cups / Plastic Glasses

  8. It is used in outlets like Juice Parlours, caterers; Tea & Coffee vending machines, Soda-Pop shops, Restaurants who supplies ready made drinking Tea; & OTHER COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS like Malls; Call Centres; B.P.O.'S; Banks & multiplexes. The sizes starts from 60 ml; 65 ml; 85 ml; 90 ml; 100 ml; 110ml; 130ml; 150ml; 180 ml; 200 ml; 250ml; 300ml; 350ml;400 ml; 450ml; 500 ml.
  9. Kling film wrap

  10. Its made up of P.V.C. or L.D.P.E. We have different width rolls like: 6"width; 12"width; 15"width; 16"width; 18"width & 20"width. The length i.e. metres varies as per the customer requirements like 30 mtrs; 100 mtrs; 250 mtrs; 300 mtrs; 400 mtrs; 500 mtrs; 600 mtrs. The thickness is approx. 11 micron to 12 microns with a very good transparency property of the film & clings smoothly on any surface. 
  11. Aluminium Foil Wraps

  12. It is mostly available in sizes like 9 meters,120 grams net; 18 metres; 75 metres and one kilo net. It is also available in different thickness like 11 microns, 15 microns 18 microns as per the convenience.
  13. Toilet Rolls

  14. It comes in various Packs & sizes customized for the users. 
  15. Paper Napkins

  16. The best quality & design with different colour combination is available at our disposal.
  17. Face Tissues (also known as Car Box Tissues):

  18. We offer 25 pulls,50 Pulls, 100 pulls, 150 pulls and 200 pulls as different variants.

  20. Mostly used in freshrooms are made & packed with utmost care. We also provide dispensers.
  21. Kitchen Towel Rolls 

  22. They are having good absorbent property and can wipe oil, spilled water, grease, etc. from the surface.
  23. Wooden Tooth-picks

  24. It Is made from imported soft wood taking into consideration safety while picking pieces between teeth & gums.
  25. Paper - Plates

  26. Made from food-grade paper; available in silver coat, Party design, plain white, and, B.O.P.P. laminate.
  27. Thermocole Plates

  28. We outsource all expandable polystyrene disposable plates,cups, bowls, donas & trays. All these thermocole items are soak-proof, Food Grade  and are recommended for limited Microwave use. 
  29. Straws

  30. Wow, the straws are so colourful and ALSO AVAILABLE IN MILKY WHITE & Black colour. They are for different user like- Lassi Straws, Frooti-Straws, Cold-drink Straws, Juice Straws & coffee Straws.
  31. Spoons

  32. It is very sexy type all designs that suits all occasions. Check our various party spoons for your comfort. 
  33. Forks

  34. We manufarAure Chinese type forks, Dinner Forks, available in numerous shapes& strengths. 
  35. Butter knife 

  36. To Apply butter or any greasy thing on bread, burger, dosa, etc.
  37. Ice-Cream Cups

  38. We manufacture Paper cups of 3 different sizes for serving ice-creams. We have multi colour printing facility. 
  39. Fancy Mithai (sweet meat) Boxes

  40. To match any events related to celebrations, kindly contact us for fancy mithai boxes and fancy confectionery packings.